Bow thruste 80kgf, 12V

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General features:Protection cover for electrical components.Easy accessible battery connection terminals.Waterproof and latch lock connector for the control panel. A 100% guaranteed connecti...

General features:

  • Protection cover for electrical components.
  • Easy accessible battery connection terminals.
  • Waterproof and latch lock connector for the control panel. A 100% guaranteed connection also in case of vibrations.
  • Motor temperature protection switch.
  • 5A circuit breaker for the control panel.
  • Brass tail piece.
  • Replaceable zinc or aluminium anode.
  • Flexible coupling to absorb vibrations.
  • Supplied with 1mm and 2mm gasket to center the propeller inside the tunnel.
  • FAN for extra cooling.
Electric Bow Thrusters
Thrust Force 80 kgf
Tunnel Diameter 185 mm
Power 4 kW (5.4 hp)
Motor Type 12 VDC
Motor Temperature Switch Yes
Operating Time 2 min/h
Current Consumption 420 A
Min. Battery Capacity 140 Ah
Main Fuse (ANL, Slow Blow) 355 A
Battery Cable 0 - 10 m / 70 mm², 10 - 14 m / 95 mm²
Terminals M10
Weight 19 kg

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