Marine engine SD 16.240 Tic

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Engine typeSD 16.240TICBasic engineMitsubishi 6D16-TFueldieselInductiondirectAspirationturbocharged and cooledCoolingclosed freshwater cooling system with heat exchangerSwept volume7.545 cm3...
Engine typeSD 16.240TIC
Basic engineMitsubishi 6D16-T
Aspirationturbocharged and cooled
Coolingclosed freshwater cooling system with heat exchanger
Swept volume7.545 cm3
Cylinder bore/stroke118/115 mm
Weight660 kg
Maximum power (flywheel)LIGHT DUTY 177 kW (240 KS); MEDIUM DUTY 158 kW (214 KS); HEAVY DUTY 141 kW (191 KS)
Maximum rpm.LIGHT DUTY 2800 o/min; MEDIUM DUTY 2700 o/min; HEAVY DUTY 2600 o/min
Altenator24 V 50 A
Marine gearboxTWIN DISC TECHNODRIVE TM 265/265A, TM 200, TWIN DISC MG 5061SC/5061A
Exhaust pipe diameter127 mm
Sea suction pipe diameter40 mm
Fuel pipe connection diameter10 mm

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