Marine engine SD 24.320TIC

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Engine typeSD 24.320TICBasic engineMitsubishi 6D24TFueldieselInductiondirectAspirationturbocharged and cooledCoolingclosed freshwater cooling system with heat exchangerSwept volume11.945 cm3...
Engine typeSD 24.320TIC
Basic engineMitsubishi 6D24T
Aspirationturbocharged and cooled
Coolingclosed freshwater cooling system with heat exchanger
Swept volume11.945 cm3
Cylinder bore/stroke130/150 mm
Weight1100 kg
Maximum power (flywheel)LIGHT DUTY 238 kW (323 KS); MEDIUM DUTY 215 kW (292 KS); HEAVY DUTY 190 kW (258 KS)
Maximum rpm.LIGHT DUTY 2200 o/min; MEDIUM DUTY 2100 o/min; HEAVY DUTY 2000 o/min
Altenator24 V 50 A
Marine gearboxTWIN DISC TECHNODRIVE TM 360, TWIN DISC MG 5091SC/5090A/5091DC
Exhaust pipe diameter150 mm
Sea suction pipe diameter50 mm
Fuel pipe connection diameter10 mm

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